Digital Strategy

Our team specializes in digital strategies driven entirely by data, focused on conversions, and top and bottom-line results. With experience in dozens of industries across large and small companies, our strategies have been real-world tested, and they produce real results. Need help driving more leads, getting more sales, and otherwise taking your company to the next level? We’d love to talk.

Website Design

97% of consumers search for local businesses online (2014). If your virtual storefront is out of date or lacking in any way, you could be losing customers. If it’s been awhile since your site has been updated and you’re ready for existing and prospective customers to take you more seriously, maybe it’s time for a refresh. We can give your business a fresh, mobile-optimized, user-friendly, and goal-driven look.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Up to 64% of your online traffic comes from organic searches in search engines (2014). Search engines like Google and Bing should be the main driver of new visitors to your site. If they’re not, we can help you increase your site’s local and regional visibility through our tried-and-true search engine optimization practices. Talk to us to learn more about how to increase your organic search and direct traffic to your site.

Paid Media

paid mediaBusinesses of all shapes and sizes invest heavily in paid media, but much of that money is being wasted without any return on investment (ROI)(2016). Often, it’s because businesses don’t know how to properly manage their campaigns. From paid keywords to social and banner ads to geo targets, it can be difficult to effectively use the most popular advertising platforms. Fortunately, we can help with our professional, ROI-focused paid media management. We are a Premiere Google Partner, Bing Partner, and experts in many of the most popular advertising platforms.

Testing and Optimization

Every business investing time and money into their website and online presence should continually test what is and isn’t working for their site. We help businesses large and small test and optimize digital activities like new web page design, market offers, messaging, and more. Our focus is test, measure, analyze, so you can trust our methods will lead to more visits, more leads, and more revenue for your site.


analyticsAnalytics is our sweet spot. We use data to drive every aspect of what we do, and our in-house analytics skills rival even the largest of agencies. We’re one of only about 200 Google Analytics Certified Partners, which means we’re qualified enough to navigate Google Analytics’ wealth of information. When you partner with us, we can help you understand and transform your site’s data into an effective, powerful tool for growing your business.

Online Reputation Management

84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, so it's no wonder why businesses need to be able to manage their online reputations. A few bad reviews or mentions can hurt your business, and if you’re not monitoring and responding, you run the risk of unnecessarily losing potential and current clients. We know the ins and outs of reputation management, and we can help improve your communication strategies and online standing.

Data Mining and Software Integration

One of the key elements of success for any business is the ability to integrate data from a website, analytics platforms, CRM and numerous other sources and repositories. At Nehmedia, we have a develpment team that works on data mining to help our clients better understand their marketplace, identify competitive website, and develop editorial calendars. We also build customer software systems that merge data from cloud-based systems to allow customers to better manage their marketing and sales workflows, create management dashboard and optimize business processes.