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Are you ready to grow your business but you're not sure how? Are you starting to worry that all the time and effort you've invested in building a great service, business, or product won't provide the returns you hoped for? Have you done all the right things to build your organization, but you're just not experiencing the results you expected?

These symptoms are a sign that you have a marketing problem.

Effective problem solving starts with identifying and understanding the core issues that need correcting. Nehmedia can help with both diagnosing the problems and understanding the implications.

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Nehmedia Has Answers

We get the same ridiculous sales calls and emails that you do, promising SEO miracles, guaranteed search ranking, and magic websites "guaranteed" to produce instant results. Since we've been in the business for over 18 years, we know better.

Digital marketing success is built on a foundation of technical knowledge, industry expertise, integrity, and discipline. Having worked with more than 150 organizations, the team at Nehmedia can diagnose your online status and develop an effective digital marketing strategy.

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Big Dreams

Think back to the early days of your organization, when your big dreams seemed more like a noble quest. No obstacle was too great to dampen your spirits. You were setting out to conquer some lofty goals, perhaps ...

  • ... to develop a product to improve people's lives
  • ... to provide an impeccable service that customers would remember and talk about
  • ... to leave a legacy for your family
  • ... to offer gainful employment, along with dignity and a future, for every employee
  • ... to connect people in your community through shared values and friendship
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Purpose Becomes Problems

At first you were driving the vision and you were the team. Over the years as you added employees to deliver your service or build your products, your days (and nights) became consumed with operations, service levels, quality, and execution. And over time, the adrenaline of purpose can turn into exhaustion as problems pop up faster than you can solve them. That's where we come in.

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No Shortcuts

There are no shortcuts on your quest for success, but partnering with us will take you along the smoothest, most direct path to better online visibility, engagement, and conversion. We will help you focus on what you do best - building your business and organization - while we remove the missteps and wrong turns of failed marketing efforts.

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Our Approach

You need a reliable, trustworthy partner who can help you grow your business and cure your digital marketing headaches.

Nehmedia offers a simple 3 step process to get your marketing efforts in shape to produce the results you're looking for.

  1. DIAGNOSE. A problem must be defined before it can be solved. We offer an extensive portfolio of audits designed to evaluate your online presence.
  2. PRIORITIZE. Then we analyze the data, compare it to the results you're getting, and decide on your budget and goals with you.
  3. EXECUTE. Once we agree on a game plan, we will put the plays in motion, monitor results, and communicate the progress to you. Along the way we will adjust as necessary to achieve maximum success.



Marketing is all about storytelling - understanding your "why," knowing your audience, reaching the right people, and engaging them with your vision, products, and services.

Stories capture our imaginations and inspire us to pursue our greatest potential. The hero is often the most exciting character in an epic tale, but he or she almost always owes part of their success to the wisdom and direction of a trusted guide. Think like Yoda is to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

As an experienced guide, Nehmedia offers expertise, empathy, and a clear growth plan to follow. We pride ourselves on our partnership approach with our clients, and we can't wait to help you tell your story.


Our Team

Our small, nimble team brings a mix of maturity and young initiative in-house, with diverse backgrounds and talents informing our perspectives. Our account managers interact regularly with their clients and can quickly connect you with subject area experts as needed.

Mark Sherman

Mark Sherman

Owner, CEO

fleur robinson senior account manager

Fleur Robinson

Senior Account Manager

Joe Mink

Joe Mink

Director of Local Business SEO

Luke Stutzman

Luke Stutzman

IT Manager

Lisa Cowan

Lisa Cowan

Director of Operations and Development

Shannon Grounds

Shannon Grounds

Account Manager

Rocky Reasoner

Rocky Reasoner

Creative Director

Vivian Lau

Vivian Lau

Data Analyst

candace collins

Candace Collins

Digital Marketing Manager

Elizabeth Hunter

Elizabeth Hunter

Content Writer and Editor

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Start Solving Problems Now

Contact us today to request your Digital Marketing Audit, our flagship research and analysis service. We will identify current and potential issues that relate to best practices for your industry and make specific recommendations based on the insights that we gather. This is not a generic report. We gather data and interpret it based on the insights that we have developed having analyzed hundreds of local and enterprise level businesses.

A lot of agencies provide "free" digital marketing audits, but those tend to waste your time with a template-based printout where they fill in the blanks. We will spend our time and your money on truly understanding what is currently going on, what needs to be fixed, and what steps need to be taken to get your marketing working for you.

Contact us today for our no-obligation pricing.

If you're not completely satisfied, we'll give you your money back and you can take the information with you. We are looking to partner with you for the long haul - not just the next few months but for years to come.



Don't waste money on expensive vendors who don't have our range of skills and understanding of the constantly evolving online space. You'll end up frustrated, overcharged, and underwhelmed.

When you become a digital marketing partner with Nehmedia, we take seriously the chance to earn your trust by providing expertise, integrity, responsiveness, and results. We can work with any existing vendors or employees to gain control of your online assets. And in the process of our collaboration, you will become more educated and equipped to understand the ins and outs of your own digital marketing, enabling you to better communicate your company's story.