We believe

Digital marketing is complicated, rapidly changing, competitive, and overwhelming. It’s hard for anyone to keep up. We partner with businesses to provide strategic, data-driven, holistic, and ethical coaching to help them attract new customers and grow their companies.

Where we’ve been

Mark Sherman founded Nehmedia in 2002. In our early years, Mark concentrated on researching search engines. That research resulted in a multi-faceted keyword research and search engine rankings that helped identify the most influential websites and people. This proprietary data gives us insight into each market to help even small companies compete successfully.

We are a Google Certified Partner & were one of the original Google Analytics Authorized Consultants, now called a Google Analytics Certified Partner. We’ve worked with enterprise-level clients and mom-and-pop local businesses. We would love to work with you.

The Team

mark-shermanMark Sherman, President & Founder
In his storied career, Mark has been an IBM engineer, has run multi-million dollar corporations, and courted venture capitalists. Now his agency connects small and medium businesses to interested buyers. Mark graduated from the University of Texas and tacked on a Harvard MBA just for fun.

phil-barnhartPhil Barnhart, Director of Marketing
Phil has been designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining enterprise-level web applications for nearly two decades. But he also understands how to make the web work for local businesses. A graduate of Bellevue University, his experience ranges from training designers in Singapore to building simulators for the Air Force. Google Analytics Certified | Google AdWords Certified | Google Mobile Advertising Certified | Bing Ads Accredited Professional

michael-currinMichael Currin, Director of Client Services
Michael reviews client goals and ongoing projects. Michael has worked in the digital marketing and website development world for the past 8 years, and brings his knowledge of project management and client services to each project. Michael graduated from Mississippi State University, but migrated to Austin as fast as he could.

brent-jettBrent Jett, Lead Designer / Developer
Brent builds websites. That is when he’s not hangin’ with his beagle, traversing a newly discovered trail, taking a picture, editing the picture, or building another plugin for WordPress. Brent is also pretty good at business strategy. Brent graduated summa cum laude from Texas State. To the Latin-impaired, he’s a bright guy.

joe-minkJoe Mink, Director of Local Search
Joe entered the digital marketing world while growing and selling a successful small business in the environmental science field. His passion is helping local businesses grow through local search optimization, business strategy, website usability optimization and coordinating the efforts of Nehmedia’s diverse and skilled team. Joe’s best friends are his two Golden Retrievers Brady and Dash.

mindy-pillowMindy Pillow, Copywriter & SEO Rock Star
Mindy has written for a broad swath of small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses. She understands SEO and can run natural search campaigns single-handedly. Mindy graduated from UT Austin with a BS in Advertising and Business Foundations and a BA in Journalism. Mindy enjoys hunting for wild mushrooms in Colorado and sometimes getting lost.

rocky-reasonerRocky Reasoner, Senior Web Designer / Developer
Rocky designs and develops websites and marketing materials focused on user experience and interaction. He has worked in the Web Design industry since 2003 and received his BFA in Painting with three years in Communication Design. Rocky believes every client is unique and loves creating custom designs that showcase the best of their business. He also thinks the Whopper® is a breakfast food.

mike-royal-1Mike Royal, Lead Software Engineer
Mike dreams of conquering the world and writes software from the ground up to do just that. His motto: “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth making a robot to do instead.” His passions range from user experience and accessibility to machine learning and big data.

gina-ryan-1Gina Ryan, Online Marketer
Gina manages paid search campaigns on Google and Bing and conducts digital marketing audits for clients. She has worked in the digital marketing industry since 2013, providing paid search, SEO, and project management expertise to companies across North America. She also has a background in non-profits and higher education. Gina enjoys dancing, traveling and would one day like to see the Northern Lights.

luke-stutzman-1Luke Stutzman, IT Manager
Luke has been working with Nehmedia since 2006. He has our backs on the IT side of things…and he’s a nice guy to boot. When not fixing servers, Luke dreams of winning a Formula 1 race and the Tour de France in the same year.