Online Marketing Strategy
by the Numbers

Nehmedia is an online marketing firm specializing in tools and services to help our clients increase visibility, site engagement, and social media influence.

We know our search engine optimization (SEO): We are one of only three certified Google Analytics Authorized Consultants in Texas. And with Prism, our proprietary tool, SEO is just a part of our holistic approach to online marketing. We provide real-time, actionable information and data for competitive analysis, search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, social media strategy, and quite a bit more.

We don't use guesswork. We rely on data and metrics to generate results for our clients, which range from businesses developing their online strategies to consultants and agencies looking for tools to help customers meet their goals.

If you're looking for online strategies based on research and hard data, we can help you, too.

Target Effective Search Keywords
Search Engine Research and Analysis

Target Effective Keywords

Find the Keywords for Targeted Search Results.

Align your website, PPC campaigns, and online postings with how your prospective customers really search.

Keyword Research...

Create Content for SEO Success
Content Strategy

Create Content for SEO Success

Set the Stage for Your Search Marketing.

Create keyword-optimized content, develop the information architecture, and ensure your visibility.

Content Strategy...

Cut the Cost of Your PPC Campaign
Smarter PPC

Cut the Cost of Your PPC Campaign

Get Results for Less Cost with Strategic Keywords.

Click-through rates and conversions up. Cost-per-click down. Your most successful PPC campaign will leverage keywords to target the audience.

PPC Services...

Find Out Who You're Up Against
Competitor Insights

Competitor Insights

Analyze Competitor Ranking and SEO Strategy.

Identify all the players in the online landscape, both the 800-pound gorillas and the up-and-comers.

Competitor Insights...

Get Out of Spreadsheet Hell
Tools that Simplify

Spreadsheet Hell

Use Technology to Do
Your Heavy Lifting

Cut the inefficiencies and manual processes associated with managing SEO and PPC campaigns.

SEO Tools...


Search marketing is critical to the Internet business and Nehmedia's scientific approach to keyword strategy makes a big impact on the bottom line."

Paul Pellman
CEO, Click Forensics