Today we are looking at Online Reputation Management. Although there are many places online in which your business can be review, we’ll specifically look at Yelp, Google+, and Facebook as these have become the focus of Google, and continue to appear on Organic search results.
Before diving into how to manage your online reputation we must first understand the importance of online reviews and how they impact your potential and current customers.
  • 84% of all consumers read online reviews, reading an average of 4-6 reviews before they begin to trust a business.*
  • Yelp is the review site with the most global traffic.*
  • 69% of all consumers search the internet for online reviews, making it a powerful source of information that has a major impact on consumer behavior and purchasing process.*
  • 72% of consumers will consider buying a product or service with a 3-star rating, however, only 27% of consumers will consider a product or service with a 2-star rating.*
  • Consumers read around 4-6 reviews before they trust a business.*

The above stats show the impact online reviews have on your potential and current buyers.  Just as important is that now, Google is including reviews in a vast majority of all organic search results. We’re seeing Yelp and Google+ consistently showing up in the top 5 positions for all keywords we analyze.


There are many companies and organizations that offer Reputation Management software or services that will “clean up your Yelp reviews”.  Nehmedia doesn’t have a “Reputation Management” service or product per say. What we do have though is a list of guidelines and suggestions for managing your online reviews.
  1. Since Yelp already has a strict guideline/criteria on what reviews get published, the chances of getting a review removed are slim to none. Only when the review breaks one of the guidelines ( is the review removed.
  2. It is our recommendation to reach out to any true negative review to try to correct or appease the situation. Once the customer has then been made satisfied (if possible) we would recommend asking that person to update their review.
  3. We also recommend responding to positive reviews as well, this will show potential customers that you are engaged with your client base and are concerned with any comments made.
  4. I would also review for additional steps to help with your Yelp profile.
  5. As a part of your conversation with clients, ask that they review several local businesses including yours on Yelp. The more individuals review multiple business, the more likely their reviews will show up for your business. Keep in mind that Yelp condones asking outright for reviews (
We would love the opportunity to discuss your current reviews, our recommendations, and our experiences with you further. If you’d like to discuss further, just reply to this email and we will be in touch to talk.

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